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The Lost Forest
icons, banners, and textures
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2nd-Aug-2010 11:42 pm - 15 Icons
Tree: Hope
Sorry about the long wait. So, here's a post of icons from last year and some made this year back in June. Enjoy.

1 - 4: Emilie Autumn
5: Flowers
6 - 8: Sky
9 - 12: Tea
13 - 15: Simone Simmons

Total Icon Count: 15


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9th-Jul-2008 11:49 pm - Resources
Tree: Hope

Here is the list of resources that I have used things from.
A lot of the people I used resources from are people I am crediting of where I found their textures at the community texturize but not every resource is from there.

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9th-Jul-2008 12:00 pm - Welcome
Hand into tree with bird
The Lost Forest

Welcome to The Lost Forest. Here you will find icons, banners, and textures made by me. All the posts with these graphics in them will be made as friends only. So, if you want to see them you can join. And if you don't like what you see, you can always unjoin. However, I do tend to post some preview stuff up; I just do not know when yet. However, there are a few icons I made that are in the community's userpics.

If you join, please remember to read the rules.

9th-Jul-2008 11:57 am - Rules
Tree: Hope

Please read these.

1.) Please comment if you take something
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2.) Credit is a must. you can either credit this community, my personal journal which is terrenaanimula , my deviantART, or my website.

3.) No Hotlinking! Save to your own computer and upload them.

4.) Textless icons are not bases unless otherwise stated. But if you ask if you can use as a base, I might let you so just ask. However, you may add text to them and only text but text brushes are ok as well.

5.) Only request if I post an entry asking for requests. I don't want to get boggled down by a bunch of requests especially when I have other things that need to be done.

5.) I do not mind if you use my icons/banners on other sites as long as you do give proper credit.

6.) Please give proper credit if you use one of my textures. It helps others find where you found them if they wanted to use it.

7.) These rules are subject to change.

Posts will be left open to the public until the next post when it will be available to only members while the new post is open to the public.
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